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Welcome to
Zen Zone
Your Sanctuary for
Crystal + Sound Healing Meditation

"Awaken your inner state of balance and tranquility"

Open your heart to spiritual bliss!

Zen is a state of meditative calm in which your actions are guided by the flow of intuition rather than by conscious effort.

Are you ready to listen to the whisper guiding you from within calling you to Zen?

Why Choose Zen Zone for Crystal and Sound Healing Meditation?

The Zen Zone offers small group events to elevate your well-being in a supportive space for your healing journey.  You will experience the collective healing energy in a group setting which generates an awakening of deeper levels of healing and spiritual growth.

Embark on a healing journey to inner peace and harmony.  Join your tribe and connect with like-minded souls on the same path to Zen.


Photo: World Sound Healing Day Event 2024
World Sound Healing Day 2024.png
Photo: Summer Solstice Celebration Event 2024


Thurs. June 27th, 2024  - Pot Luck + Palm Reading - Zen Zone



Mon. August 19th, 2024  - Full Moon Event - Zen Zone


Cosmic Gathering A Once in A Blue Moon Event.png

 Zen Zone

Meet Your Healing Guide

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Cheryl Lynn Summach
a.k.a. Cher Sum Love


Crystal Healer

Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Sound Healing Practitioner

Meditation Facilitator

Hello! My name is Cher, 

The  Zen Zone is my home where I live with my 4 Zen cats;  Amber, Bella, Butter, and Jazzie.  I'm a crystal healer and a sound healing practitioner, with several years experience of facilitating at yoga studios, retreats, festivals and workshops throughout the Ontario region.   My vision of the Zen Zone came into fruition from my desire to share my wisdom and passion for crystal and sound healing for small groups of like-minded souls, and to build a community where we're all supporting each other on our same path to Zen.

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Learn how to become a 
Crystal Vibe Healer.
Classes + Workshops
Coming Soon!


The Profound Impact of Crystal Vibe Healing

Harmonizes Your Being

Enhance your inner harmony and experience a sense of inner peace and calm  through healing vibrations of crystals and sound that balance the mind, body and spirit.

Elevates Spiritual Wellness

Feel a deep connection to your spiritual self.  Channel guidance from your north  star and develop a greater sense of your  life's  purpose.

Restores Energetic Equilibrium

Realign your energy centers and release stress, promoting a state of profound relaxation.  Rebalance and restore your energetic field to live in the flow state, nature's way of  vitality and deep inner peace.

Amplifies Mindful Awareness

Deepen your mindfulness practice.

Strengthen your ability to cultivate patience, compassion, acceptance, and non-judgment for others and yourself.

Awaken your inner peace
through healing vibrations 
of crystals and sound.
Begin your meditation practice with like-hearted souls
and together
 Let's breathe in with gratitude;
breathe out with love.

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Welcome to the Zen Tribe!

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